RigLock® is revolutionizing the oil industry. This tool from Renegade has the potential of increasing the profitability of gas wells and fracking oil fields while enhancing the safety and working conditions of its workers. Typically, productivity in the oil industry is traded off with safety. However, this revolutionary and innovative technological development will transform wireline operations. Frac pads have the possibility of breaking their production records with fewer risks to workers while using RigLock®.

It is a new industry innovation that resulted in the partnership between a team at Frank Henry Equipment (FHE) and Renegade Wireline Services (RWS). The team of quality driven FHE members collaborated with RWS to develop this revolutionary tool.

This device is actually a remote actuator that enables hands off procedure to rigging up and rigging down. In other words, frac operations will be continuous with no interruptions, speeding up the overall completion time of oil wells. This is not the only innovation in technology that this tool offers. The other benefits will be clear by understanding how this tool works.

How Does RigLock® Work?

The way the piston and cam of this device is built is quite unique. This tool utilizes six primary locking cams in order to fasten the equipment controlling the pressure to the wellhead. The sealing of the cams is effectively done by a secondary mechanical locking ring. These cams are completely sealed even if the hydraulic power is suddenly shut off.

These operations can be streamlined on frac pads by just flipping a switch. If zipper pads have this tool installed on every wellhead, several hours can be quickly and easily saved by operators. They will be able to connect, disconnect, and move the tool strings remotely. Rigging up and rigging down hands free will mean that frac operations will be able to continue without letup.

This tool comes with a 2-inch 1502 pump-in sub port and a quick-test manifold for additional operational convenience. Its control unit can operate the locking systems both primary and secondary. It can also integrate a well monitoring system that is digital and can control the quick-test manifold. This device is the only tool in the industry that offers hands-free and remote connection.

How Does It Improve Safety?

This device will effectively remove the operator from the danger zone around gas wells and oil fields, and and totally eliminate non-productive time. In a typical cased-hole completions activity, considerable downtime is expected. This situation can cause massive amounts of monetary losses to companies since conventional frac operations cannot proceed if there’s a man in the red or danger zone. With this tool, there is no need for that man to be there, thereby enhancing the safety of the operations. This tool is sending a very clear message that the company is thinking about the safety of its employees while reducing its downtime costs at the same time.


If you want the advantages this device is able to provide, you can ask for Renegade’s help. Once an agreement is set, Renegade will provide you a package to your site quickly wherever your frac pad is located. Call us at (337) 371-7635 to learn more about RigLock®!