RigLock®: A Commitment to Safety First

RigLock® was initially created for the sole purpose of safety; to remove our men from the danger that surrounds manually removing and replacing the nightcap and lubricator assembly, 40+ feet in the air. A once necessary risk is completely eliminated with the installation of RigLock® on the wellhead.

Removing a man from an aerial lift working under suspended loads and out of the red zone is an obvious safety improvement of RigLock® operations, and it should not be understated, but there are other impactful safety benefits that are often overlooked. For instance, pinch points, lifting hazards, dropped objects, working from heights and working under suspended loads.

It is easy to see how RigLock® is likely to become a standard for oil companies, and there are already a group of early adopters who will no longer operate without it.

Show Your Team You Care

All companies in the energy space today are looking for ways to reduce injuries. The best way to show employees that their company cares for their safety is to invest in a RigLock® package, thus taking their personnel out of the most dangerous part of the job.

RigLock® Key Safety Features

Nightcap Extractor

Renegade’s Nightcap Extractor is a hydraulically-operated accessory bolted directly to RigLock®. This allows a safe, hands-free removal and insertion of the night cap. This feature can be operated from the RigLock® accumulator without the need for an additional power supply. The full potential of RigLock® cannot be experienced without this state-of-the-art attachment.

Alternatives to Traditional Nightcap Extractor Method

Other methods used by E&P companies include using the crane’s fast line to pull the cap which essentially leaves the nightcap freely suspended in the air with no way to guide it into place. Another inadequate method is the use of a man lift with personnel suspended above the iron, manually pulling the nightcap and exposing them to a number of avoidable hazards.

These hazards are exactly what RigLock® was designed to eliminate.

Pressure Testing and Monitoring

Because the nightcap connection is made above ground so you no longer have an employee with their hands on it,  we want to ensure that the connection is strong before introducing live pressure to the well.

The RigLock® control panel tests and monitors the wellhead pressure.

Without this quick test functionality, the pressure on the wellhead could quickly become dangerous.

From the quick test sub installed directly on RigLock®, the trained operator can, from the control unit, a hundred feet away, test the sealing surface to make sure that the proper connection was made before introducing pressure.

Well Pressure Monitoring System

We installed a secondary safety measure to RigLock® so that the operator at the control unit can monitor the pressure at any time and therefore ensuring that an employee doesn’t accidentally disengage while there is pressure on it.

A solenoid in the control unit locks out the disengaging function, and so by doing that we can ensure that there are no accidental releases while under pressure reducing the risk of accidents at the well site.

Locking Ring

The locking ring acts as a secondary lock. When the locking ring slides over the cam locks, it creates a fail safe in the event of unexpected loss of pressure.

The outward facing ring is intentionally oversized to be visible from just about anywhere on a typical frac pad.

Color Code

The color of each RigLock® connector matched the color of the panel on the control unit so there is no confusion about which unit is being engaged or disengaged.

While the colors of a RigLock® package are customizable, the pinch points will always be painted bright, highly visible yellow.

Oversized Funnel

The funnel on a RigLock® system is oversized to make stabbing on to the wellhead painless and quicker than ever. This reduces the time the pressure control equipment and tool string are hanging freely in the air which plays a role in reducing the risk of dropped objects and damaging equipment.

RigLock®: Record Breaking Efficiency

Improved efficiency is a bonus to the safety commitment.

With RigLock®, safety is the top priority, and it’s also good business. It’s an easy sell on safety alone, but it’s a no brainer when we talk about efficiency. RigLock®, when deployed and operated by the right team, will drastically reduce the NPT (Non Productive Time) acquired during daily operations on a zipper pad where there are multiple well heads.

With RigLock®, frac no longer waits on wireline and wireline no longer waits on frac.

Experience the Full Safety and Efficiency Benefits when you Rent a RigLock® System from Renegade.

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