Now More Versitle Than Ever: The Renegade RigLock 15K®

Benefit from Tremendous Gains in Work Efficiency

The RigLock 15K® speeds up overall well completions. It makes it possible to connect and disconnect surface equipment to the wellhead. The adapter drops in easily to the oversized, high visible entry guide which initiates the connection. The reactive wedges close around the adapter or night-cap. The lock ring completes the connection as it is lowered by the operator from the updated control panel. This innovative process eliminates time-consuming activities. Wireline operations are streamlined with the RigLock 15K®.

The RigLock 15K® Features:

  • Better performance for high-pressure wells.
  • Three safety tiers to protect your most valuable assets: personnel and equipment.
  • Air-tight seal with 4 wedges into the night cap.
  • Hydraulic-power lock ring finishes the connection.
  • Large entry guide is easy to see for crane operators to place the RigLock®.
  • Remote control locks and unlocks safely.
  • The high-tech control panel features light indicators and pressure sensors stop RigLock 15K® operators from adding pressure too soon.

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