Manufacturer Recommendations for RigLock® Usage

Only use FHE certified adapters/companion flanges and nightcaps. Adaptors can be made in 3-4 days and shipped if needed.

FHE will verify that your adapter is manufactured by FHE if needed.

RigLock® connections are hydraulically actuated. Use all hydraulic safety protocols when operating. Hydraulic pressure can cause severe injury.

RigLock® actuators and control units should only be operated by qualified technicians. Training classes can be provided on a case by case basis. Contact Renegade for more information.

Repairs and recertification of RigLock® wellhead connections shall only be performed by FHE.

Keep hands and clothing away from moving parts at all times.

Lock out tag out procedures should be followed when troubleshooting/repairing the control unit.

RigLock adapters, nightcaps and components are all protected by patent.

Pressure ratings are based on the lower flange and adapters. Using a lower rated crossover will decrease working and test pressure. Always be sure to verify!

Other components are of the same working pressure or higher.

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